What will happen to my Employment Hero account if I leave ANZ?

On an annual basis, you will be prompted to enter your ANZ BSB and Account number to verify that you are an ANZ customer. If the details you enter are not valid, we will amend your profile to the Employment Hero free subscription. You can then choose to upgrade your subscription at that point to the standard or premium subscription for the respective cost.


As an admin or business owner user, you can create custom reports using Employment Hero’s report builder that can be exported in CSV file format. This can be used to export the data that is contained within your Employment Hero profile. Please note not all of your documents can be explorted. For example, if you upload documents to your Employment Hero profile, you will not be able to export these documents through this process.


If you require assistance through the process of generating custom reports, you can contact Employment Hero on 1300 084 847.

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