How to edit assigned employees in Security Groups

To edit an existing Security Group, simply navigate through to your Security Groups by going to:

  • General Settings > Security Groups

On the Security Groups page, select the Security Group you wish to edit assigned employees in by clicking on the name.


In the new screen, you will need to click on Group Members which is located at the top centre of the page.


This will allow you to edit the Name of the Security Group, the Teams and the Individual Members that are a part of it.


  • Assigning new employees or teams to the security group.

Click on the Teams or Members fields to open a drop-down menu. Simply click on the name of the team or employee in that drop-down menu to assign them to the security group.


  • Removing employees or teams from a security group 

Click on the X featured next to their name and they will be removed from the Security Group.

To finalize all changes, click Save.

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