Employee Happiness Survey

Employment Hero has released the first phase to our new Employee Engagement feature to let you poll your employees on their current mood towards their job - "How happy are you at work?".


How to send out the Employee Happiness Survey

  • To send out the Employee Happiness Survey to your employees, go to General Settings > Employee Engagement.


  • Once you have selected 'Yes' and clicked on the 'Send now' button, an email notification will be sent out to employees and a push notification will be sent out to employees who have the Employment Hero Mobile app installed. 
  • Employees will be able to view and respond to the Employee Happiness Survey on our mobile app (version 1.16.0 or above) by simply selecting a number from 1 to 10 and tapping 'Submit' or 'Send response' depending on the app version they have. 
  • Employees will also have the option to leave feedback along with their rating (only available on mobile app version 1.16.3)
  • Employees will have one week to submit a response from the day the survey is sent out. After the one week period, employees will not be able to submit a response. 




Additional notes

  • The Employee Happiness Survey is a recurring survey that is sent out to employees every four weeks. 
  • If you choose to turn off the survey, it will not send out any future surveys, however any current active surveys will remain active until the one week response period is over.
  • If you choose to turn the survey on again, it will send out immediately and the recurring survey will be 4 weeks from then.  
    • For example, you first sent out the survey on 13/11/2017
    • You turn the survey off on 20/11/2017
    • You turn the survey on again on 27/11/2017, a survey will be sent out on this date and the next survey will be sent out on 25/12/2017, 4 weeks from the date you turned the survey on again

How to view survey responses

  • Responses to the survey will be available for admins and owners to view after the one week response period has ended. Organisations on our Free subscription plan will only be able to view responses for the latest survey.
  • To view the report, navigate to Reports > Employee Engagement and select the period you wish to view responses for


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