How do I lodge an employee's Tax File Declaration?

You can lodge your employee's tax declarations electronically to reduce your paperwork you need to keep for each employee. Using our electronic tax file number declaration (eTFND) report, lodgements will be sent directly to the ATO. 

Once set up, customers that are connected to Employment Hero Payroll or Keypay as their payroll platform, the lodgement status will sync across from Employment Hero to the payroll platform. 

Setting up eTFND

To set up electronic tax file number declarations, head to Payroll Settings > Tax Declaration.

You will need to complete all the information in the form:

  • Branch number
    • You should have been provided this by the ATO, if in doubt, default to 1
  • Contact name
  • Signatory name
  • Email
  • Phone number


Once you have completed this information, a new report will be available; Reports > Compliance

You should then be able to click on the graph to access the tax report.


You will find 2 options available:

  • Mark as Reported
    • This will mark selected employees as already lodged
    • This is a good way to mark employees that you have already lodged a tax file declaration for in the past
  • Lodge Electronically
    • This will electronically lodge all selected employees with the ATO. The status will update as the lodgement is processing
    • You can only lodge tax file declarations for employees that have the status "Not lodged"
  • Outdated status
    • This status indicates that some of the employees details that affect the employee tax declaration has been changed since the last known lodgement date and may require a re-lodgement. This can include changes to the Employee's personal details, such as their name, or any details of their tax declaration.

If you have just set up the eTFND and Tax Report, you will want to mark all employees that you have already lodged a tax file number declaration for. You can do this by checking off each employee you have already lodged, and click "Mark as Reported".

Employment Hero is an SBR registered software provider. For more information on SBR, head to:


You can make lodgements for more than one employing entity per organisation, but this requires a valid ABN to ensure the lodgement is made against the correct employing entity for the employee.

You may encounter the following errors when attempting to make a lodgement:

If you see the message `Employing entity has an invalid ABN`, it means that an ABN has not been entered for the employing entity. Please navigate to General settings > Company settings > Employing Entities and update the ABN for the associated Employing entity

If you see the message `Employee must be assigned to an employing entity` it means the employee has not been assigned to an employing entity. Please navigate to the employee's file > Employment details > Edit and assign an employing entity to the employee. 





Why are some of my employees not displayed in this report?

If an employee has not completed their Tax Declaration within the employee file, then they will not appear in the Tax File Number Declaration Report.


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