Making Automated Super Payments With HeroPay

Please note that before you can make automated super payments with HeroPay your business must first be registered for automated super payments.

Once you are registered for automated super payments follow these instructions:

1. Under the “Business” menu you will see a “Super Payments” option. This is only available when super payments are enabled for your business

2. Screen_Shot_2017-07-06_at_3.57.03_pm.png

3. This will take you to the “Super Payments” page. From this page you will need to create a

new batch payment by clicking the “New Super Batch Payment” button in the top right

4. Screen_Shot_2017-07-06_at_3.58.42_pm.png
5. Once you’ve created your new batch payment, select the date range that you want to create

your batch payment for. You can choose any date range. Regardless of the date range, o nly payments that have not previously been paid will be shown

6. Screen_Shot_2017-07-06_at_3.59.22_pm.png
7. Once you’ve selected the date range, you will see a list of employees and the payments that

need to be made for that date range.

8. Screen_Shot_2017-07-06_at_4.00.52_pm.png

9. Once you’ve reviewed the payments, click “Create Batch” and the batch will be created and submitted for you.After you have created and submitted the batch payment you can review the status of the batch payment at any time by going back to the Super Payments screen.

If you would like any more information on automated super payments within HeroPay, please contact us here.

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