Bulk VEVO checks

Bulk VEVO checks are available to Employment Hero premium customers. With bulk VEVO checks you can quickly run VEVO checks on all your employees simply and easily.

You can access bulk VEVO checks through the compliance reports module by navigating to:

Reports > Compliance

On this page you should be able to view compliance report graphs. (Shown below)


If you click on the graph, highlighted above in red, you will be able see VEVO reports.


On this page you will be able to filter by an employees, visa types and visa status.


Visa Status

Visa Status will automatically be populated depending on which option you have selected on the compliance graph.

The status descriptions are below

  • Expired
    • Visa has expired (legacy or VEVO visa verified)
  • Expiring soon
    • Visa details are expiring soon (within 3 months)
  • Valid (VEVO verified)
    • VEVO check has been done and the employee has a valid VISA.
  • Valid (not verified)
    • Employee has provided Visa information (previous logic before VEVO check) however these have not been validated through the VEVO check.



Bulk check

If you would like to run a bulk VEVO check on all employees within you organisation, click on the "Check all employees" button

If you would like to run a VEVO check on several employees, you can select them by clicking on the check box to the left of the employee's name. Once you have selected all the employees you would like to run the check on, click on the "Check selected employees" button.



Permission Required

If an employee you have selected to run a VEVO check on has not provided permission to run work eligibility checks, you will see the following popup. From here you can either select to "Skip" an employee, this will cross out their name and remove the employee from the check, otherwise you can choose to proceed with the VEVO check on the selected employees. 

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