How do I set up offboarding checklists?

Offboarding checklists are a list of tasks that need to be completed when offboarding an employee, for example; "Hold exit interview". These tasks are created once the employer has finished offboarding an employee on Employment Hero.

The individual(s) who are allocated a task, will receive email notifications (when assigned, and also when due), and will see outstanding tasks on their dashboard when they sign into Employment Hero. Once they have completed these tasks, they can mark these as complete from their dashboard.


To create an offboarding checklist, log into Employment Hero and go to:

  General Settings > Checklist Settings > Offboarding


To create an offboarding checklist you will need to click on ‘Add new Offboarding Checklist’ and fill out the following fields;

Name: name of the checklist.

Employees the checklist is required for: which employee requires the tasks in the offboarding checklist i.e all employees or employee in specific teams

Tasks: tasks to be completed.

To create an offboarding task you will need to click on ‘Add Task’ and fill out the following fields;

Description: information about this task. The description needs to be general, and not specify any employee names as the same description will be displayed for all assignees.

For example, The offboarding task 'Hold exit interview'

Assign to: who will be assigned this task:

  • All admins
  • Employee’s manager
  • The Terminated Employee
  • Specific individuals (select from the drop-down)

Due date: when this task is due by in regards to the employee’s termination date


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