How do I use Rostering as an employer?

You must first activate the Rostering module. To find out how click here.

To access this feature you must have been given permission through Employment Hero payroll to manage rosters.

Login to Employment Hero with an account with the above permission.
Click on Rostering from the menu and you will see the Employee Schedule.

1. Assign shift to an employee

Find the employee.
Click on the day of the shift and set up duration in the following pop up window.

You can click Add a break to add a break for this shift.
After you create the shift, you can save it by clicking the Save button.

2. To Publish shift

If you save the shift without ticking the Publish box, the shift will be saved, but not published and the employee is not notified via email.

If you have ticked the Publish box before saving the shift,  then the shift will be saved into the system and published. The employee is also notified via email.  

If the shift is saved without ticking the Publish box, you can still publish the shift later.

Click the Publish button to publish the saved shift. 

3. To unpublish shift

Click Unpublish X shifts button to unpublish all shifts.

If you have multiple published shifts and just want to unpublish a particular one, click on that shift to unpublish or edit that particular shift. 

Note: whenever the employer publishes or unpublishes a shift, an update email will be sent to the employee who was assigned the shift. 

3. Employee's availability

If an employee set the unavailability of certain days, these days will be indicated in the employer's schedule. 

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