Adding induction content

The Induction module is used for holding files and videos that would be important to every new starter and even to existing employees.

These files differ from Documents in that they are not policies addressing an aspect of work and are not contracts.

Some examples are emergency evacuation procedures, "about us" videos and company history.

To add induction content:

1. Click on: 

This brings up the following box:


This is the title of the document shown to employees


Marking a file or video as "required" creates a red notification label in the platform alerting them that they have to view and acknowledge the content.

File upload/Video link

This will be the content that employees will be able to access as part of their induction. If you select File upload, you can upload a PDF, DOC or DOCX for employees to view. If you select Video link, you can link a YouTube video for your employees to watch.

Once you are ready to share your content, click on "Share" and you will be taken to the sharing options. Here you will be able to select who will be able to access the content you have added:


Once you have shared this, your employees will be able to access the induction content you have just uploaded.

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