Timesheet reports

You may want to have a report of timesheets instead of viewing current timesheets in "Timesheet Management".

Managers, owners and admins can access timesheet reporting for their employees. What you can see is based on your level of permission. This feature allows you to view a report  in two display formats: on screen, or as a csv file. You will see all information for that entry including start, end, break time, total, status and the manager's name.

To run a report:

1. Date range
Enter your desired reporting period.

2. Status
You can filter timesheets based on whether they have been accepted, declined or neither (pending).

3. Display format
Choose whether to display on screen or download csv.

4. Run report
Click to run. If you are downloading the csv, it will save to your designated folder - usually in "Downloads".

Timesheet entries per page
You can expand or minimise the number of entries you see on a page between 25, 50 or 100 entries per page.

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