Necessary employee fields for Managed Payroll

Employees need to provide certain information to get paid by our Managed Payroll Service. Please fill any missing fields for each employee. 

Go to:

Personnel > Employee File > select employee

Click Edit in the first box and have Account Email, First nameLast nameAddress and Date of birth filled

Save and go to the DETAILS box, click Edit. 

There are fields under both Employment Details and Pay Run Details that need to be filled.

With Employment Detailsplease make sure Employing entity, Employment type and Start date are filled. 

Go to Pay Run Details:

Please fill Amount, Normal Working hours per week, Pay category and Pay schedule and save.

You will also need to fill all fields in the BANKING box: Statement Text, Account Name, BSB and Account Number 
and the following fields in SUPERANNUATION box: Fund Name, Fund ABN, SPIN, Member Number and Account Name

and TAX DECLARATION with tax file number.

Please make sure the employee has signed the declaration. 

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