Necessary employee fields for Xero payroll

If you are using Xero payroll, you can use the Xero-add on to sync over employee data from Employment Hero to Xero.

Please note: Information in Xero does not sync back to Hero, i.e. Employment Hero should be your source of truth, and Xero will only receive this information. If you are creating a new employee, create them in Hero.

For the whole employee file to sync completely to Xero, you will need the following fields:

1. Create employee in Employment Hero

Ensure that you tick the "Synchronise with Xero Payroll?" tickbox, otherwise this employee will not sync. You can return later to their Employee File to tick this if you don't do this now. For more information see: "What is synchronise with xero payroll?". 

2. Fill out necessary details in Employment Hero first

Xero categorizes employee data in tabs, similar to an Employment Hero Employee File.

The following fields relate to what information is necessary in matching the right information in Hero to the relevant tabs in Xero as listed below.

Complete the fields in Employment Hero (left column below), and they will appear in the relevant Xero fields (right column).

Make sure you press Save on each tab as you go.

3. Make sure the "Synchronise with Xero Payroll?" is set to "Yes"

For more see:


Employment Hero Xero
First Name First Name
Last Name Last Name
Date of Birth Date of Birth
Address Line 1 Address
City Suburb
State State
Postcode Postcode


Employment Hero Xero
Start Date     Start Date
Pay Schedule Payroll Calender
Pay Category Ordinary Earnings Rate


Employment Hero Xero
Tax File Number Tax File Number (TFN)
Employment Type (found in "Details") Employment Basis           


Employment Hero Xero
Statement Text   Statement Text
Account Name Account Name
Account Number Account Number
Percentage/Amount Percent or $ 


Employment Hero Xero
Amount Rate or Annual Salary
Unit **Does not map**
Normal working hours per week Hours
Pay Category Earnings Rate
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