What is "Synchronise with Xero Payroll?"

This article is only relevant to users integrating with Xero.

This article is in relation to the following tickbox located in an employee's file:

Personnel > Employee Files > pick employee > Details > Edit > Pay Run Details > Synchronise with Xero Payroll?

What is it?

This indicates whether or not you want this employee file automatically synced with Xero.

With all newly created employees in Employment Hero, we assume you don't want it synched unless you indicate otherwise. This is to stop duplicates from appearing across the two systems.

  1. Yes, synchronise with Xero Payroll

    This will sync the file with the relevant employee file in Xero. To avoid duplicates, only apply this when there isn't already a file in Xero. Otherwise, you will create two competing records.

  2. Don't synchronise with Xero Payroll

    This will not sync the employee file with Xero. 
    All newly created employees default to this setting.

    This is best used when the employee is already in Xero. You can create your Xero employees in Employment Hero by importing from Xero and "overwriting an employee file". This will stop duplicates from appearing.
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