Uploading documents to an employee file

Managers, owners and admins can upload company documents to a single employee file. These documents would be those outside the suite of documents and policies already in Employment Hero, usually relating to that particular employee. Some examples include resumes, letters of offer and job descriptions.


To upload a document to an employee file, go to:

Personnel > Employee Files > Uploaded documents 

Press the upload button.

To add documents, you can either drag and drop the documents into the grey box, or press the choose files to find your documents in your computer.

After your have uploaded your documents you will be presented on additional tags and titles for your uploaded documents.

Document title

  • You are also able to add a document title to help organise your documents. This can be done by clicking on the document title represented by the above image.
  • Your uploaded document name will be automatically populated into the title.


  • Tags can be used to help you organise different types of documents. 
  • It can be used to search for documents within the employee file.

Share with

  •  If you would not like your employee to be able to access this document, you can un-tick the employee.
  • You can also control whether the employee's direct or indirect managers can view this document.
  • In addition you can restrict access to individuals with payroll security permissions. This is controlled by the security permission "Payroll details"
  • Just remember, Blue = They can view it, Grey = they cannot.
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