Import Employee Files via CSV

Using the Import Employees tool located in Personnel --> Import Employees you can download a template CSV which you can fill out to mass upload new employees into your account. This is a useful tool if you need to add a large amount of employees at one time. 

You can find which csv fields are mandatory and recommended here: Necessary fields to csv import your employees

The below are some best practise guidelines:

  1. Download the latest CSV
    The latest CSV is the one downloadable from the platform. Simply click on the "Download template" button
  2. Exclude the owner of your account
    Exclude the owner of your account from the import and fill out their details manually in their employee file. Importing the owner overrides their existing employee file and turns them into an employee without owner permissions
  3. Keep all columns names as they are
    You can reorder columns however column names must remain the same.
    You can also delete columns that are not required by either creating or updating employees via csv.
  4. All fields must follow the correct format
    You must follow the formatting guides (shown in the first row of the csv) for it to work
    e.g. For any Yes or No questions such as "Are you an Australian Resident for Tax Purposes?", answer with either "yes" (all lower case) or leave it blank if it is a no
    e.g. In Employment Basis, full timers must be entered as "Full-time", part timers as "Part-Time" etc.
    e.g. Salary Option refers to the salary unit e.g. $100,000 per Annum is a Fortnight salary option. This is different to the frequency of your payroll e.g Monthly
    e.g. the Tax File Number should have no spaces e.g. "123456782" instead of "123 456 782". It also has to be a valid TFN, we use a formula to check if it is valid.
  5. Use unique emails for every employee
    Employment Hero uses the account emails to identify new and existing employees. Please ensure the "Email [*]" references an existing employee's account email for updating employees via CSV. Similarly please ensure a new unique email address is used when adding employees.


Once you have compiled your CSV file, simply drag it into the upload panel or click on the "Choose File" button to select it and begin importing your employee files. After the system conducts a preliminary scan of the file, the import process will begin.

Since the file is imported in the background there is no need for you to remain on the Import Employees page. You can navigate anywhere within the system, or even log out completely and the file will continue to import. This means you can start the import, complete other work and it will be ready by the time you return.


At the conclusion of the import process, the user will receive an email notifying them of the results of the import. Any errors that are found throughout the import process will be recorded with a reason for the error.

NOTE: Any employee files that have already been imported during the process will remain in your organisation.

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