Use pay details as an employer

Pay details allows an employer to maintain a record of when salary amounts, salary units, pay schedules and pay categories changed, and also for what reason.

To find out how to check your pay details as an employee, go to view pay details for details.

As an admin/owner, go to

Personnel > Employee Files > select an employee > Pay Details

You can also create, edit or delete salary record for an employee.

  • to create a salary record

    Click Create a new salary, a Salary Change window will pop up. 

    You need to fill the Effective from, Salary, Pay Category, Pay Schedule and Change reason fields to create a new salary.    

  • to edit or delete an existing record

    On the top right corner of a salary record, there is an edit button and a delete button. Click the respective button to edit or delete the record. 

There is also a superannuation field that only appears when you have selected the pay rate Annum. The salary inclusive of super will be shown below this field. If this field has not been populated then employees won't be able to see this number.

If you have created/updated a salary record, for example, the Effective from date is set to the first day of next month, then this salary will become the current salary and be pushed to payroll on that day.

If you are using our Managed Payroll service, all salaries must have an Effective from date in the future, otherwise they will not alter your payroll records. 

EH payroll or third party Keypay payroll add-on clients

Organisation's that use these payroll applications also have the ability to update existing employee Pay Details using Industrial Instruments, Classifications, and Pay Rate Templates. These three additional fields will be displayed on the Salary Change modal window as long as your organisation has imported Classifications into Employment Hero (more information on how to import classifications can be found here).

Using Industrial Instruments

This dropdown lists all Industrial Instruments that are used by your organisation and have been imported into Employment Hero.

Using Classifications

This dropdown lists all Classifications that are linked to the Industrial Instrument that is selected. If no Industrial Instrument is selected, only custom Classifications that are not linked to an Industrial Instrument are displayed.

Using Pay Rate Templates

This dropdown lists all Pay Rate Templates that are used by your organisation and have been imported into Employment Hero. If any Industrial Instrument and/or Classification has been selected, the Pay Rate Template field is disabled and auto-populated based on the employee details entered.

When a Pay Rate Template is selected, the 'Salary/pay rate' and 'Pay Category' fields are disabled and auto-populated based on selection.

NOTE: Any changes made in Employment Hero will be reflected in EH payroll or add-on third party Keypay payroll.

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