Use Reviews as an employee

A Review in Employment Hero is a helpful tool used by your employer to assess your performance over a certain period. For example, you may be asked to be part of a quarterly review period to discuss how you performed in the last 3 months.

Reviews are not based purely on performance however, and may include other Categories such as teamwork, innovation, customer service etc.

As an employee, you can use the Reviews module to respond to review questions created by your manager

To respond to the review, log in to Employment Hero and go to: 

Reviews > My Reviews

1. Click on the Review that you want to start on.

2. When you open a Review, you can see the below information:

Amount of days left in this period:

  • This is how long you have left to reply to your questions.

Remaining questions:

  • If you have already started answering your questions, this will tell you how many you have left to answer until you are finished.

Overall Rating for this period:

  • This is the overall score that your manager gives you at the end of your Review
  • If there were multiple review templates in the review period, then the Overall Rating for this period is the average of the Overall Rating of each review template. 

3. Under the Criteria heading, answer any questions that have been assigned to you. Your answers may require selecting a rating (e.g. on a scale of 1 to 5) or a free text response.

  • When filling in a free text response, once you click away from the text box, your response will be automatically save. This will be indicated by a green notification at the top of the page as well as a timestamp below the text box. 
  • For extra measure, it is recommended employees click Save draft at the bottom of the page before navigating away from the reviews to ensure all responses are saved

4. Once you have completed all the criteria questions, you will be able to click Publish. This will mark your review as being 'Completed' as well as make your responses visible to your manager. Published reviews will no longer be able to be edited. In order to edit your responses, click Unpublish. This will also change your review status to 'In progress'.   

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