Use Reviews as a manager

As a manager, you can view or response to reviews of employees under your management.

  • To respond to reviews of your employee, log in to Employment Hero and go to:
    Reviews > Employee Reviews
    Find the employee with the corresponding Review Period and click on the employee's name.

    You can respond to a list of Questions of the review and read the employee's response to these questions if they have answered.

    As a manager, you can select all employees or individual employees on the page and send them reminder emails by clicking Remind Selected

  • To view the history of an employee, go to:
    Reviews > Employee Review History
    Select an employee and the corresponding review period to view the previous reviews of this employee.

  • To view the reviews of indirect employees, go to:
    Reviews > Reporting Employees
    Select the relevant Review Period and then select Indirect Employees.

To use Reviews as an employee, please refer to Use Reviews as an employee for details. 

To create a new review, go to Reviews setting.


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