How do I run my pay using Employment Hero and Xero?

Before you start:

You must have setup your employees properly so that they are synching the correct information from Hero into Xero. Please note: information in Xero does not sync back to Hero. Please see:"Necessary employee fields for Xero payroll".

Maintaining the payroll:

Check that all the necessary fields outlined here "Necessary employee fields for Xero payroll". are complete.

Note: The Pay Category that is selected in Hero, will sync into the Ordinary Earnings Rate in the Employment tab and into the Earnings Rate in Pay Template. Any additional earnings rates in Xero will not be affected as we only sync with the ordinary earnings rate. 

Due to technical limitations in the Xero API, superannuation details added to Employment Hero willl not sync to Xero. You should ensure to grab the superannuation details from Hero and add it to the relevant section in Xero.

If the employee's superannuation details change in Hero, you should update them in Xero manually. 

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