Company email notification settings

Employment Hero allows a company to customise their email settings.

A company can initialise the email settings for their employees as their default email settings.

To configure the email settings of a company, log in to Employment Hero as an admin/owner of the company and go to:

 General Settings > Email Settings

The Email Settings page has three sections: 

  • Alerts - Will notify you of updates or changes that you should know about. 
  • Tasks - Will notify you of things you may need to action. 
  • Reminders - Will notify you when an event is occurring (such as birthdays).

If a new employee is created, their email settings will be the same as the default settings of the company. However, an employee can always overwrite the default ones with their own configuration. The exception to this is the outstanding compliance reminder emails, which will be disabled for the entire organisation if this is turned off.

Custom email notifications can be created for reminders:

  • Birthdays
  • Certification Expiration
  • Employee Offboarding
  • End of Probation
  • Work Anniversary
  • Passport expiry
  • Visa expiry

You can select who will be notified based on the following roles:

  • Owners
  • Admins
  • Payroll Admins
  • Primary Manager
  • Secondary Manager

Up to 10 reminders can be created for a single event. These can be set before, after, or on the day of the event. 

To create a reminder, click on "Add a reminder", input how many days before or after by using the dropdown. 

To create a reminder to be sent on the day of the event, enter "0" days and this will change the setting to "On the day".




To customise the email settings of an employee, please refer to article Email Notification for details. 


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