Getting familiar with terminology for Reviews in Employment Hero

The Reviews module provides an easy and paperless way for companies to evaluate the performance of their employees.

Here are the basic ideas and terminologies used to build a review: review category, criteria, review template and review period

  1. Review category 

    A category is a grouping to identify aspects of an employee that you want to review. By default, Employment Hero defines five different categories that can be used: Achievements, Behaviour, Goals, Improvements and Performance. If an extra category is required, an admin/owner of a company can create it in the Settings module -- please use Reviews setting. For example, to reflect an employee's personal development at work, you can create a Personal development category and use it in the review.

  2. Criteria

    A criterion is a question that you put in your review category. For example, by default a criterion of the Behaviour review category is How would you rate the employee's general underlying behaviours at work? You can also create new criteria for any given category.

    A criteria has two different types of answers: Scala Rating and Free Text. Scala ratings are using numbers, for example on a scale of 1 to 5, whereas Free Text can just be a piece of text, for example, "Employee fulfilled the criteria". 

  3. Review Template

    A Review Template is a set of multiple criteria or questions. Each criterion or question relates to one particular category. 

  4. Review Period

    Review period is where you can put together all the parts of your review, including the period of the review, the review templates used in this review period and employees to be involved in this review period.

To create your first review, go to Reviews setting.

To use reviews as an employer, please refer to Use Reviews as an manager

To use reviews as an employee, please refer to Use Reviews an an employee

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