Use Tasks as an assignee

Companies can use Tasks module to create and manage scheduled tasks. 

As an employee (including Manager, Admin and Owner), once assigned a task, you should receive a notification email of the task. Log in to Employment Hero and go to:

Tasks > Tasks

To create a new task, click Add new task.

You can use the filter bar on Scheduled Tasks page to list selected tasks. Each task has the following fields:

  • Complete - click on the check box to mark this task as Completed. A notification email will be sent to the author of the task
  • Due Date - expected finish date of the task  
  • Task - description of the task
  • Author - the employee who created this task
  • Assignee - the employee who is assigned the task
  • Tags - tag related to this task, e.g. sales. 
  • Completed at - when the task was completed. 
  • Status - current status of the task, e.g. Pending, Completed or Declined
  • Actions - as an assignee, you can Decline the task assigned if you do not accept it.

    By clicking the sorting arrows next to the titles, e.g. Due date, you can sort the listed tasked. 

If you have any pending tasks assigned to you, you can also find them from the Scheduled Tasks box on your Dashboard.

To create new tasks? Please refer to this article: Create Tasks.

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