How do I set up cost centres?

With Employment Hero, a company can create Cost centres to define where the timesheet related cost happened.

A Cost centre is a different concept from the physical location of a company -- it focuses on the cost introduced by the timesheet submitted. For example, you can define Office and Cleaning as two different Cost centres and they could be physically located at the same location, e.g. Sydney. Once timesheet are submitted against cost centres, as an admin, you can easily figure out the cost related to Office and Cleaning respectively.

As an Admin/Owner, you can create and manage cost centres for your company. Log in to Employment Hero and go to: 

     Settings > Payroll > Cost Centres 

You can add and manage your cost centres from here. 

How to add a new cost centre?

To add a new cost centre, click Add on the top left corner of the page. Fill the following fields and Save it:

  • Name: name of the cost centre.
  • Parent cost centre: if the new cost centre is a sub cost centre of an existing cost centre, then you can set its Parent cost centre from the drop down list.
  • State: state of the cost centre .


Manage cost centres

All cost centres of your company are listed on the Cost Centres page. You can:

  • Delete a cost centre, if it has never been used in previous timesheet or assigned to an employee file.
  • Disable a cost centre, if has been used in previous timesheet or assigned to an employee file and you don't want it to be used any more.
  • Enable a cost centre, if it was disabled and you want to use it again.


Parent and sub cost centres

If a cost centre is a parent cost centre and has sub cost centres then the management of those cost centres is a little different.

  • Deleting a parent cost centre will delete all sub cost centres. You will not be able to delete a parent cost centre if one of its sub cost centres has been used in a previous timesheet or assigned to an employee file.
  • Disabling a parent cost centre will disable all sub cost centres
  • Enabling a parent cost centre will enable all sub cost centres, sub cost centres can only be enabled if the parent cost centre is enabled


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