Employee email notification settings

You can use Email Notifications to decide the type and frequency of emails to be received. Note: you can only receive emails that have been assigned to you. 

By default, all employees use the default email settings of the company. For emails notifications are open to you, they can still be turned off by the system. In this case, you can turn them on if you want to receive them.

As an employee, log in to Employment Hero and go to:

 Notifications > Email Settings

On the Email Notification Settings page, there are three columns: 

  • Module - The module related to the emails. 
  • Event - The event that triggers the emails. 
  • Email notification - Turn on or off email settings for listed events. 

Among the email notifications assigned to you, you can decide which should be sent to you by turning on or off receiving the emails.

An employee's choice always overwrites the company's setting. 

You can also set the time and frequency of receiving your emails. Go to:

 Notifications > Email Frequencies 

 By default, the Email Notification Frequency is set to Daily and the default time to receive your email is set to 17:00. Change the values to your preferred time and frequency and Save.

To configure your company's default email notification settings, please refer to article: Email Notification Settings.   

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