How do I submit a leave request with different leave hours?

Employment Hero allows employees to lodge leave requests with different daily hours. 


To add a leave request as an employee:

1. Go to Leave Management

2. Click on Request Leave

3. You will then be prompted to enter the details of your leave:

Leave Category - Your employer has created a list of leave categories e.g. annual leave, sick leave. If you are unsure of which to pick, please enquire internally.

Start Date - The day on which your leave starts.

End Date - The day on which your leave ends. If you are taking 1 day of leave, this is the same as your Start Date

Comment - Your manager will see this comment if you want to describe your leave request

Add document - You can add files to support your leave request. For example you may want to attach a doctor's certificate for sick leave.

4. Once you enter the dates, it will populate each date with your typical work day hours. You can edit the hours of each individual date accordingly. 


  • Weekends will have default value of 0 hrs, which can be changed accordingly.
  • We are currently working on incorporating public holidays into leave requests. 




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