How to assign Custom Security Settings

Companies can use the Custom Security Settings module in Employment Hero to grant customised access rights to different group of users. This gives great flexibility to the users of Employment Hero. For example, the company can give full access to admin for their employees except the employee's salary information.

There are mainly two steps to achieve this, first create a security group, then grant 

As the owner of the organisation, log in to Employment Hero, go to:

Settings > Custom Security Settings

On the Custom Security Settings page, there are two buttons: Add new security group and Groups overview. There should be a list of groups, if there is any existing one. 

The security group page allows an owner to create, edit or delete a security group and assign them the corresponding rights. 

  •  Create new security group. Click on Add new security group button to create a new security group. 

    Within the pop up window, fill the fields Name, Teams and Members then save. A new security group will be listed on Custom Security Settings page.

  • Grant access right or update a security group

    Click the name of the existing group, the Permission for group window will pop up. A list of modules (e.g. Documents, Employee File, Leave requests) and its corresponding access rights are listed. Just click the expected access right for each module you want to grant and Save. The employees in current group will be granted the selected rights.

  • View existing security groups. Click the Group overview button on the top of the page to have a brief view of the existing groups.

  • Delete a security group. Click the Delete button next to the group you want to delete.


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