How do I know an employee file has synced with my payroll system?

This article only applies to organisations that have integration with an Employment Hero endorsed payroll system.

Employee files need to be synced with your payroll system in order to process employee pay. If all the Necessary employee fields for payroll are not filled in, your employee may not be paid correctly.

Employers are able to view a list of employees whose employee file has not synced with our managed payroll system, as well as the payroll errors that need to be resolved in order to process employee pay.

To view the list of employee payroll errors, go to:

Personnel > Employee Files > Click Payroll Errors tab


Note: A number will appear next to the Payroll Errors tab to show the number of employees with payroll errors. 

For example;

An employee file may not sync to the managed payroll system because it is missing the employee’s Pay Category.

The employer will see the following information in the Employee - Payroll Errors table:



Emma Lee

  • Pay category: can’t be blank

To resolve payroll errors, employers can click on:

Actions > View details

This will take employers to the employee’s employee file where they can fill in the missing payroll information where possible.

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