How to Use Employment Hero for Admins and Office Staff

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All of the content in this article is accessible in our Help Centre, but it has been combined into one easy-to-use package.

It will be of use to assistants, administration staff, office managers, EAs and anybody else put in charge of data entry and maintenance of your company's Employment Hero account.

Getting Started

First, make sure you are an Admin or Owner. For more see:

Levels of permissions - click here and

How do I make someone an admin? - click here

Without having the right permission levels, you won't be able to access the sections you need. For example Employee Files

Adding employees

There are two ways to add employees. There is a basic Add Employee button in Personnel > Employee Files. Please see:

How do I add an employee? - click here

Otherwise, you can onboard an employee by going to your Dashboard, click +Add and follow the steps to trigger the onboarding process for a new employee.

Updating Employees

One of your roles may be to keep employee data up to date. Employees themselves have permission to edit some parts of their file but not all of it.

Information such as `Pay Details` or `Employment Details` can not be edited by an employee. This is where an `Admin`or `Owner`for example, can edit information on behalf of an employee.

For example, you may need to change an employee's Primary Manager:

How do I change my manager? - click here




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