How do I add modules to the onboarding process?

With additional modules being added to Employment Hero, organisations are able to add certain modules to the onboarding process.


To add a module to the onboarding process, login to Employment Hero and go to:


     Settings > Customisation > Employee File


Under the 'Use in onboarding process?' column, check any modules you want to add to the employee process and click 'Save'. 


By selecting 'Use in onboarding process', the module will also be added to the employee file. 


Adding modules to the onboarding process will appear as a new onboarding step for all employees, regardless of whether they have completed the onboarding process or not.

Employees who have already completed their onboarding process will be notified that they have an additional onboarding step to complete. 


In the instances where an organisation has employees who have completed their onboarding process, they will given the choice to continue with the changes or cancel the changes.



You can remove modules from the onboarding process by unchecking the corresponding checkbox. 

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