Upload timesheets to Payroll

Timesheets in Employment Hero do not sync automatically to the connected payroll systems upon approval. 

If you are using Employment Hero Payroll or KeyPay Payroll, you can manually upload approved timesheets from Employment Hero to your connected payroll platform.

Who can upload timsheets?

The timesheet upload feature is available to users that are managing their organisation's payroll. 

  • For organisations with managed payroll, timesheet upload is managed by their payroll officer.
  • For DIY payroll, please send a technical support request here to have this functionality enabled for the organisation's owner and admins

How to upload timesheets

  1. Go to Timesheets > Management

  2. If you want to upload all approved timesheets that have not already been synced, click Upload All

  3. If you want to upload approved timesheet from a specific date range, enter in a date range and click Upload from Date Range
    Note: uploading from a date range will overwrite the successful sync dates of other timesheets that are also within the date range

  4. From here if you filter by employee, an Upload by Employee button will appear that will upload timesheets for that employee from that date range.

If you want to preview the timesheets you will be uploading, click Run Report before clicking the upload button.

Once a timesheet has been uploaded and synced to the payroll platform it will be locked from being edited or deleted by employees on the HR platform.  


Understanding timesheet information

Each timesheet will have an icon under the Info column. When you hover on it, it will show 3 pieces of information:

  • Date it was created
  • Date it was last attempted to sync
  • Whether the sync was successful or not

Understanding clock icon colours




Synced successfully


Failed to sync due another timesheet in the same batch


Failed to sync because this particular timesheet had an error


Have not attempted to sync yet


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