Headcount Reports

Using Employment Hero, organisations now have access to see the headcount of their organisation at any given date. This report can be accessed by clicking on the "Headcount" page under the "Reports" tab.



This report displays a headcount of all active employees over the various months that the organisation has been created. The report is categorised by each employee's employment type (Full-time, Part-time etc.). This information is displayed in the legend located in the top-right corner of the chart. Users are able to toggle on or off the different categories of data by simply clicking on any of the legend items. This will update the graph to display only the data that is still toggled on.

NOTE: At least one filter must always be applied. Also, the report only shows employees with an employment history - if there is no history then the employee would not be displayed within the report.

Headcount Table

Similar to the leave reports, users are able to click on any segment of the headcount report to drill-down into more information. 


Initially, upon navigating to the headcount table all of the filters will be pre-filled with the values of the segment that had been selected. Therefore by clicking on the "Full-time" segment located in the month of Jul-15 then the report with display a table of all active "Full-time" employees as of the 31st of July 2015.

Each employee listed within the headcount report will have the following details listed along with them: name, location, team(s), position, employment type and start date. This information is sourced from each employee's employment details and their employment history, therefore any data that is missing in the table will be due to missing data in those sections.

NOTE: The start date of the employee is based on the date that the employee first joined the organisation. If the employee has been terminated and then returned to the organisation, that employee's start date will still be the same.


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