How can I Enter Tax Details

Updating your tax details can be done from the user's employee file.

1. Click on your email address in the top right of Employment Hero, revealing a drop-down box

2. Click on My Profile

3. Click on Tax Declaration

4. Click on 'Edit'

5. Update details as necessary

6. Click 'Save'


Why won't my tax declaration details save?

Don't worry, Employment Hero helps you stop making errors. We take great care in providing up to date changes including validation on tax declaration so be in line with the Australian Taxation Office forms. Due to this reason we impose restrictions which may change from time to time, these are listed below.

  • You cannot claim a tax-free threshold if you are not a Australian or New Zealand resident for tax purposes.
    • If you select "No" for the first response, you cannot select "Yes" as the second response.


Employee Tax Declaration (TFN)
Employment Hero collects employee Tax File declaration information to assist Employers with reporting payroll, taxation and super administrative tasks. Employment Hero HR does not submit Tax file information to the ATO. Employers are responsible for ensuring declarations are submitted to the ATO.
If you've connected EH to our payroll system, HeroPay or another compliant payroll system, you will be able to push the Tax Declaration through that system. Typically this requires an approval by an authorised administrator - see your payroll system provider for details on how to do this. 
If you are not connected to a payroll system, you will need to ensure employee's Tax Declaration is submitted via your usual submission channels. See the ATO's website for more information. 


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