Run compliance reports for certifications

Organisations can now run a compliance report on all the certifications their employees are required to have. This allows them to identify employees who have not met the organisation's requirements.

To run a compliance report on certifications, login to Employment Hero and go to;

    Reports > Compliance > Certifications




Once you have access the Compliance Report page, simply click on any section of the pie chart to navigate to the Certifications report.


The following filters can be applied to the compliance report;

  • Employee: will display results for the selected employee. Only active employees will be displayed.
  • Type: will display results for a selected type of certification (either check, licence, training or qualification)
  • Certification Name: will display results for the selected certification.
  • Status: will display results for a selected status of the certification
    • Active - will display all active certifications
    • Declined - will display all declined certifications
    • Expired - will display all expired certifications
    • In review - will display all certifications that are being reviewed by a manager
    • Outstanding - will display all certifications that are outstanding


By default, whatever portion of the pie chart that was selected will pre-fill the filter with that status.



Clicking Filter will display all the results corresponding to the filter options selected. 


The compliance reports on the following three values:

  • Employee: employee's name
  • Type: type of certification
  • Certification: name of certification
  • Expiry Date: date certification expires
  • Status: the status of the certification (active, declined, expired, in review, outstanding) 


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