Leave Overview

Employment Hero now provides extra leave reporting features. These reports can be accessed by clicking on the "Leave Overview" page under the "Reports" tab. 

The Leave Overview page is split into two sections: Accrued Leave & Leave Taken. The Accrued Leave section is only available for our EH payroll or third party Keypay payroll add-on clients. On the other hand the Leave Taken section is available for all EH clients.

Accrued Leave

The accrued leave section is designed to capture and display all information regarding the number of hours that have been accrued within the organisation, categorised by its leave types. 

Users can hover over any section of the pie chart to view the number of hours accrued for that leave type.  They are even able to press on any item in the legend to toggle on or off the display of the data for a leave type in the graph. 


NOTE: This section is only visible to for our EH payroll or third party Keypay payroll add-on clients.

Users are also able to click on any slice of the pie chart to navigate to the Accrued Leave report. This report allows the user to view more details about the leave accrued, with the option to filter by Employee, Leave Type and by Team ("All" is an option for both). These filters will be pre-populated based on the slice that was selected on the pie chart.


NOTE: Only leave types that are marked as "tracked" in our EH payroll and third party Keypay payroll add-on will be displayed within this report.

Leave Taken 

The leave taken section is designed to capture and display information about the organisation's taken leave. This data is categorised by leave type and month in which it was taken. Although by default only the last 12 months will be displayed (or less depending on the amount of data available), the user is able to navigate using navigation arrows to view past months.

Just as users are even able to toggle the legend for the Accrued Leave chart, users will also be able to use this functionality for the Leave Taken chart.

To drill down into this data the user is able to click on any bar within the graph which will navigate them to the "Leave Reports" page with that month's data pre-filled.

NOTE: The data displayed on this chart is sourced directly from the "Leave Report" table as "Approved" leave requests. Therefore any data that has not been recorded in that table will not be displayed in the chart

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