Terminations Report

Using Employment Hero, organisations now have access to see a report of all terminations within their organisation. This report can then be used in conjunction with the headcount report to see an organisation's overall employee movement. The report is located in Reports --> Headcount and is situated just below the Headcount graph.


This termination report displays all terminations within your organisation and is filtered by the type of termination (i.e. abandonment, resignation, retirement etc.). You can navigate through the history of terminations by using the navigation arrows found either side of the graph. By clicking the arrow the graph will shift one month in that direction. Users can also choose to toggle on/off certain termination types to see specific ones in more detail. By default, all terminations types are toggled on, but if you would like to toggle one off simply click on it from the legend bar. 



Similar to other reports within Employment Hero, you can drill-down into the column chart to see more information. This allows you to specify the date range, location and termination type for the termination you are looking for. You can even download a CSV file of this data.



Please note that every termination within the organisation is recorded on this report. Therefore if an employee left the organisation and came back, their termination data will still be displayed in this report.

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