Employment Hero allows an organisation to import Classifications from EH payroll or add-on third party Keypay payroll.

NOTE: This section is only available to our clients that use these payroll applications.

How to use Classifications

To set up Classifications for a company, log in to Employment Hero as an admin or an owner and navigate to:

Payroll Settings > Classifications

The Classification menu allows managers to import the organisation's Awards, Employment Agreements and Pay Rate templates from EH payroll or add-on third party Keypay payroll.

The Award name will be listed under the 'Industrial Instrument' column, and the Employment Agreement will be listed under the 'Classification' column.

How to import Classifications

Click on the 'Update from Payroll' button on the top-left corner. Employment Hero will automatically import the Awards, Employment Agreements, and Pay Rate Templates from EH payroll or add-on third party Keypay payroll. When the import is complete, the 'Status' field displays the timestamp for completion (as below).


The list of Classifications and their corresponding Industrial Instrument imported from payroll are listed on the page. These Classifications can now be used in Employment Hero during the Onboarding process and within an Employee's file. 

Custom Classifications (any Employment Agreement not listed under an Award) are also imported and are listed without an 'Industrial Instrument'. 

Viewing pay rates

Click the 'View pay rates' button for a specific Classification. This modal displays more pay details for that Classification.

Re-importing Classifications

If any Classifications have been added, updated or deleted in EH payroll or add-on third party Keypay payroll, then Classifications must be re-imported in order for changes to be reflected in Employment Hero. Simply click on the 'Update from Payroll' button again so that all Classifications can be updated. 

Classifications can appear disabled (greyed out) in Employment Hero if:

  • the Classification has been deleted in payroll
  • the Classification has been updated in payroll but is being used in Employment Hero (a new usable Classification is added which includes the updated data).
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