How to use the compliance report graphs

Screen_Shot_2017-06-21_at_12.32.01_pm.pngEmployment Hero has added in new compliance report graphs which allow you to quickly and easily track whether your employees are fulfilling the necessary compliance requirements. These compliance requirements include certifications, policies and induction content.

To see these graphs, login to Employment Hero and go to;

    Reports > Compliance




In order to use these graphs simply hover over any section of the pie chart to see the data. You can even click on the section in order to navigate to a more detailed report.


At any time if you wish to toggle off a particular status, for example if you no longer want to see the declined certifications, simply click on that item in the legend and the graph with update to only show the highlighted items.

If your organisation does not have any compliance requirements and you are viewing this page then you will be prompted to update them.

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