How to Submit an Employee Requisition

This is a closed beta feature, please contact our sales team to find out if you are eligible. For more information on the closed beta program, click here.

The Employee Requisition module allows employees to submit requisition requests for vacant job roles that they wish to fill. 

Getting Started

In order to use the Employee Requisition module, an owner or admin must first define an Approval Workflow for the module through Settings.

Click here for help on setting up Approval Workflows

To be able to submit an employee requisition request, the requesting employee must have the security group permission to use 'Employee Requisition Submission'.

Click here for help on assigning Security Groups

Submitting a Requisition Request

Login to Employment Hero as a user with the 'Employee Requisition Submission' security permission and navigate to:

Workflows > Employee Requisitions

To submit a Requisition Request:

  1. Click on 'Create New Requisition'.
  2. Select a Hiring Team for the role (the approval workflow will be assigned based on the selected team.)
  3. Enter all relevant details
  4. Click on 'Submit'.

Submitting an Employee Requisition request will send an email notification to the first level approver to review. The request must be approved by the first level before it is passed on to the next level for approval. 

Click here for help on reviewing requests

Resubmitting a Requisition Request

It is possible to resubmit a previously submitted requisition request that was either cancelled or declined.

To resubmit a requisition request, click on the 'Actions' button to the right of the requisition to be resubmitted, then click on 'Edit'. 

Update all relevant details as required, then click 'Resubmit'.





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