Update employee files via CSV

Using the Import Employees tool located in Personnel --> Import Employees you can download a CSV with the CSV fields that can be updated through the CSV. You can use this to mass update and add new employees into your organisation. 

You can find which CSV fields are mandatory and recommended here: Necessary fields to csv import your employees


Please read Import Employee Files via CSV for guidelines and information on uploading CSV. 


How to update an employee file

Existing employee files can be updated by importing a CSV with the following information:

  • Fill in fields to overwrite the existing data in Employment Hero
  • Enter <<clear>> to clear the existing data in Employment Hero
  • Leave field blank to keep the existing data in Employment Hero


Fields to note

  • Salary details: When updating an employee's salary information, it is important to fill in the effective date. The effective date determines if an existing salary should be updated or if a new salary entry should be created. 
  • Job title: It is currently not possible to create new employment history line entries through CSV.
  • Termination date: Cannot be cleared. To reactivate an employee, please go to their employee file and click 'Re-activate'
  • Secondary manager: If an employee has a secondary manager assigned to them in the csv however they do not have a primary manager. The secondary manager will be the employee's primary manager. 
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