Payroll Integration - How to manually update Payroll Data

Payroll integration will automatically sync the data between Employment Hero and payroll platforms. The 'Update Data' page in Employment Hero allows you to manually pull data from the payroll platform that you are connected to rather than waiting for the automatic sync.

The update page can be viewed by:

  • Clicking 'Settings' in the sidebar
  • Click 'Add-ons'
  • Under the Connected Application click 'Actions'
  • Click 'Update'


How to update payroll data:

To make it more convenient and save you time, we have split up the update options into four categories, this means you only need to re import the data that you need updated rather then an entire organisation sync.

When you click the 'Update From Payroll' buttons, the import will begin running in the background. Once complete, you will be notified by a confirmation email.

  • Employees

Employees can be added on the payroll platform as well as through Employment Hero (details on how to push employees from Employment Hero to payroll can be found here). All new employee files that are created in payroll will be imported into Employment Hero. 


    • All existing employee files do not update. 
    • For employees with Industrial Instruments and Classifications, please ensure your Pay Items are Imported before importing employees.
  • Organisation Details

Organisation and employing entities data can only be created/updated on the payroll platform. To import these changes, click the 'Update From Payroll' button next to Organisation Details.

  • Pay Items

Similar to organisation details, Pay Items can only be created/updated on the payroll platform. Click the 'Update From Payroll' button next to Pay Items to import new/updated cost centres, pay categories, pay rates, pay schedules, leave categories and work types. 

Please note

Updates to pay rate templates on payroll will also update employee pay details if the employees are on those affected pay rates. This allows you to mass update pay rates across your organisation easily.

  • Payslips

Employee payslips can be imported to Employment Hero. By clicking on 'Update From Payroll' button next to Payslips, you will receive a pop up where you can select the payrun. Only the payslips included in the selected payrun will be imported. When payslips are imported from the payroll platform leave balances will also be automatically updated. 

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