How to Review Workflow Requests

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To be able to approve or decline a request, the approving employee must be an approver specified in the Employee Requisition Approval Workflow. 

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Users are also able view and manage all requisition by having the correct security permissions assigned to them. This includes being able to skip approvers in the case that they are unavailable to approve the requisition.

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View a Workflow Request

When a Workflow request is submitted, the first approver in the approval workflow will receive an email notification that there is a new request that needs to be reviewed.

Click on the link in the email notification and it will bring up the Request that needs to be reviewed. 

Alternatively, navigate to:

Workflows > [The relevant workflow module]

On this page, users can filter through the following options:

  • Pending My Approval: This will filter all change requests that are pending on the users approval.
  • My Requests: This will filter all change requests that the user has submitted.
  • All Requests: This will filter change requests that the user is both an approver of and has submitted. Users with administrator privileges can see all requests.


Approving a Request

To approve a pending requisition, click the 'Approve' button located at the bottom of the page. 

This is will then log the approval in the Approval history section with a date and timestamp. 

Declining a Request

To decline a pending requisition, click the 'Decline' button located at the bottom of the page. Enter a reason for declining the requisition then click 'Save' to confirm. 

Declining a requisition request will notify the original requester that their request has been declined with the reason as stated.


Cancelling a Requisition Request

Requests can be cancelled while they are pending or have been approved, and can only be done by the employee who submitted the requisition request. 

To cancel a request

  1. Click on the 'Actions' button to the right of the requisition to be cancelled
  2. Click on 'Cancel'.


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