Custom Reports

This feature is currently only available for organisations under a premium subscription plan. You can request this beta feature to be turned on by submitting a technical support request here.

Admins and owners are now able to create custom reports using Employment Hero's report builder. As of current functionality, users are only able to create custom reports of employee details found in an employee's file. 

To access the report builder, login to Employment Hero and go to: 

     Reports > Custom Report


How do I create a custom report?

To create a new report, click on Add New and complete the following:

  1. Name: name of the custom report. Report name must be unique. 
  2. Exclude Terminated Employees: option to exclude terminated employees/contractors from the report
  3. Fields: select the fields you want to include in the report
  • Search the field name, hit 'enter' to open up the corresponding module, then select the field
  • Select the module, then select the fields
  • Save
  • Note: searching for a field and hitting 'enter' will not automatically select the field, this is to prevent users from accidentally adding unnecessary fields to their report. 




    How do I export a custom report?

    To export a custom report, click on Actions > Download. A CSV will download to your device containing employee data for all the fields selected as of the date of download. 

    Current Limitations

    The first release of the report builder has the following limitations:

    • Can only report on fields within an employee file
    • Teams and work types are contained in one field and separated by a pipe |


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