Long Service Leave - entitlement period

Organisations connected to either Employment Hero Payroll, KeyPay or QuickBooks Online have the ability to set an entitlement for when an employee is entitled to start using a specified leave category such as Long Service Leave.

These entitlement periods can be set up in your payroll platform by navigating to Payroll Settings --> Leave Categories and click on the leave category to set its "Standard Entitlement Period".



Once the leave entitlement period has been set in your payroll platform, you can import this information into Employment Hero by navigating to Settings --> Payroll --> Leave Categories and click on the "Update from Payroll" button.

Once this information has been imported, then whenever an employee attempts to make a leave request or view their leave balance, the system will check their start date and entitlement period to see if the employee is entitled to long service leave.

NOTE: The entitlement period imported into Employment Hero is set in the Leave Categories section of your payroll platform. Therefore even if individual leave allowances have been set up for employees, they will only have access to Long Service Leave once they have surpassed the entitlement period set in the Leave Categories section shown above.


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