BETA Program

What is the Beta Program?

Employment Hero HR is not a finished product - we're constantly improving features, and building new ones. BETA mode for the platform is an option that enables new and upcoming features in your organisation. These features are currently in the process of testing and experimentation - the best results coming from user participation.

Please keep in mind that these features are constantly being revised - so they may look different and have different functionality when released to the public.

Is it safe?

Of course! It's as secure as the normal version of Employment Hero, just with a few extra bumps and lumps. This is to be expected from anything with the title "Beta" - so please be mindful. 

How can I get involved?

Open Beta Program

When we release a new public beta feature, you will hear about it directly from us - whether that be through an email, or the next time you log in. 

If you choose to opt-in to BETA mode, you will have access to any of our open-beta flagged features. These can be switched on or off to your liking by using this toggle in the top navigation bar:

Closed Beta Program

Closed BETA features are those we aren't quite ready to share with everyone. However, if you are extremely keen, we can extend the invite to test out this feature before it's available to the public.

If you would like to participate in the closed BETA program, shoot us an email:

I have feedback, where do I go?

Any issue, worry or concern is worth contacting us about. Even if it's not a bug, the discomfort might prompt a rethink for the feature.

Any feedback can be sent here. Alternatively, there is a link in the BETA toggle. 

Please note that we appreciate any feedback regarding BETA features, but also understand that these bugs are not prioritised as normal defects submitted to support.

How can I leave the Beta Mode?

We understand these features are not for everyone; so if you change your mind, you can always turn them off by clicking on the BETA icon in the top-right corner of the app (see the image above). 

If you'd rather remove BETA mode from your organisation entirely (and not see this BETA icon at all), please contact us directly. 

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