How can I submit a timesheet with a unit of work other than hours (distance, amount, etc.)

This only applies for users of Employment Hero Payroll, KeyPay and QuickBooks Online.


'Hours worked' is not the only unit of work you can submit a timesheet with; you can also use other units of work such as 'Kilometres travelled'.

To do this, you need to:

1. have a work type with a 'fixed unit' pay category.  You can set this in Employment Hero Payroll, KeyPay or QuickBooks Online.

2. set your timesheet to be any option that includes 'Daily entries' (this can be done on Settings > Company Settings > Employment Settings, for more detail, please see Timesheet settings)

The timesheet has a field named 'Hours worked' where you can't enter more than 24.  To submit a timesheet with a unit of work other than hours, select a Work Type that allows fixed units and enter the value.  Once a work type with a fixed unit pay category is selected, the field name will change to 'Unit of Work' and will allow you to enter more than 24.


Using daily start and end times.

  • Employment Hero will allow you to submit a 'Unit of work' value once you have selected a work type that is based on 'Fixed Units'. Please ensure you have the correct work type selected as you will not be able to enter a Fixed unit value on non-'Fixed unit' work types.
  • When submitting timesheet entries for another employee, please ensure the correct employee and work type is selected.
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