How to Submit an Employee File Change Request

This is a closed beta feature; please contact our sales team to find out if you are eligible. For more information on the closed beta program, click here.

Employee File Change Approvals can be used to ensure that any changes to Employee Files are approved by the correct personnel.

Getting Started

To use Employee File Change Approvals, workflows must be set up.

For more information on how to set up Approval Workflows, click here.

Approval for changes to employee files will only be triggered by employees assigned to a team that has a workflow set up for it. For example, if John is on the team "Finance", then there must be a workflow set up for the team "Finance".

For more information on teams, click here.

Submitting Changes

Once workflows have been set up, approval is required for any changes to the following employee's details:

  • Employment Details
  • Employment History
  • Pay Details
  • Benefits

If a request is pending for an employee for any of these details, then the detail will no longer be editable. This is to prevent multiple change requests from occurring simultaneously. It will be become editable once the request has been approved, declined, or cancelled.


Once a change is submitted, it will progress through the approval workflow and require each to review the request before the change is applied.

For more information on how to review requests, click here.

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