How do I upload timesheets to Xero?

Note: This feature is currently in Open Beta. For more information on our Beta program, click here.

This also only applies to Daily (Start-End time) Timesheets. For more information on Timesheet settings, click here.


If you are using Xero Payroll, you can upload timesheets from Employment Hero to Xero.

You can upload timesheets at any time during a pay period, including any newly created timesheets.

How to upload timesheets to Xero

To be able to upload timesheets, you must be either an owner, admin, system user or system manager. To upload timesheets:

  1. Navigate to Timesheets > Management
  2. Click on “Upload to Xero”

  3. Select the appropriate pay schedule (pay calendar) and pay period for the timesheets you wish to upload. Please note that you can only view previous pay periods up to a quarter.

  4. Click the “Upload” button


This will create a draft timesheet in Xero with the corresponding details of all timesheets uploaded from Employment Hero:

Pay Category - This is the employee's primary pay category in Xero

Date and hours - This will be added to the corresponding pay period line in Xero

If a timesheet has already been uploaded but then edited afterwards, you can reupload the timesheet provided it has not yet been approved in Xero or processed in a payrun.


In Xero

Once you have uploaded timesheets from Employment Hero, you will need to approve them so that they can be processed in a payrun.


Known errors

There are some known issues that can occur during uploading timesheets to Xero. Below you will find the most common ones, however, if there are some that occur that cannot be solved by any of the below solutions, please let us know here.


  • “This timesheet has already been approved in Xero”
    • Timesheets can only be created for a pay period if the timesheet has not been created yet and is in draft. This error will also occur if timesheets have been processed in a payrun.
    • To amend this error, revert the timesheet to a draft and re-upload timesheets from Employment Hero. If the timesheet cannot be reverted because a timesheet for that pay period has been approved, then Employment Hero cannot upload the timesheets to Xero and you will need to manually adjust your payrun.
  • “This employee does not have a correct pay category.”
    • For Employment Hero to successfully upload timesheets to Xero for an employee, this employee must have a correct pay category. To adjust an employee’s pay category, navigate to this employee’s file > pay details > salary version > edit > pay category“
  • This employee does not have a default earnings category.”
    • For Employment Hero to successfully upload timesheets to Xero for an employee, this employee must have a default earnings type. To adjust an employee’s default earning type, navigate to their employee file in Xero > Employment Details > Default earnings type
  • “Timesheet already exists in Xero”
    • If a timesheet for an employee has been created in Xero for a pay period, then Employment Hero cannot upload this employee’s timesheet for the pay period. To amend this issue, navigate to Xero > Payroll > Timesheets and delete the corresponding timesheet.
  • Xero Timesheet tracking
    • Employment Hero does not support Xero timesheet tracking. If you have this feature turned on then you will not be able to upload timesheets from Employment Hero to Xero. This setting is found in Xero > Settings > Payroll Settings > Payroll Tracking > Timesheet Categories
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