How do I pay an employee above their award rate

EH payroll or third party Keypay payroll add-on clients that pay their employees using Industrial Instruments, Classifications, and Pay Rate Templates, now have the ability to pay an employee at a higher hourly rate than contained in the Award. 


When onboarding an employee, once you get to the third step to enter in Pay Details, you will find an 'Override pay rate' check box below the salary/pay rate field. 



Checking this box will unlock the salary/pay rate field, however the pay rate type will still be locked to hourly. 


Employee File

To update the pay rate within an Employee's file, navigate to their Pay Details tab and when entering or updating their salary version, you will find the 'Override pay rate' check box below the salary/pay rate field.


Syncing with Payroll

When syncing with EH payroll or Keypay, if the employee has already been set up on a higher pay rate than contained within the org, the custom rate will automatically be pulled across to Employment Hero as a new salary version during the One Click Install or through employee import. 

Importing or updating via CSV

When importing or updating employees via CSV, you will find a 'Override Template Rate' in the salary portion of the CSV template. To pay the employee at a higher rate, set this field to `Yes` when entering in their pay details. 

Other important notes

  • If an award is dependant on an employee's birthday or work anniversary, then the pay rate will be updated back to the base rate when the date rolls around. 



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