How do I add an additional earnings line for an employee to be automatically included in every pay run?


I have added the additional earnings line and have re-created the pay run and/or re-added the employee to the pay run, but the additional earning line still does not appear?



The best way to automatically include this in all of your pay runs will be to access the Employee File on the Payroll Platform through clicking Employees > List > Select the Employee.

After accessing the employee file, click "Pay Rates" on the left-hand column and scroll down to the bottom of the page where you will find the "Additional Earnings Lines" section. Click "Add" and fill in the details of the additional earning line with the relevant information. Click "Save" once you have finalised these details. After creating it, any future pay runs that have included the employee will have the additional earning lines automatically added to it. Be advised that if the pay run does not fall within the specified start date of the additional earning lines, it will not be automatically added.


If you have an existing pay run that was created prior to the addition of the additional earnings line, you will need to either exclude your employee from the pay run, and re-include them or re-create the entire pay run.


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