Superannuation Registration Tasks

To help streamline your experience with Employment Hero, certain customers will have an employee’s nomination to the preferred super fund sent directly to the fund. This includes customers on an AMP Superhero plan and ANZ Super customers on the ANZ partnership plan.

What’s the process?

When an employee selects your company preferred fund, tasks will be allocated to within your organisation via Employment Hero’s Task Dashboard. The questions are usually required by the superannuation fund provider to set up an employee super account.

The tasks are usually sent to the administrators of the organisation, as well as the new employees direct manager, but you can customise who needs to complete the tasks by going to:

General Settings > Company Settings > Profile > Superannuation Admins

Once these tasks have been completed, Employment Hero will automatically send the employee data to the super fund. They will in turn set up the member in your super plan and send back the member number directly into the employees Employment Hero profile.

Your payroll administrators will receive a notification once the member number has been returned.


What does the process look like?

The tasks will show up on the dashboard (see screenshots below) and depending on the question you can complete them by simply selecting an option from the drop down menu or selecting YES/NO.


What if no one completes the tasks?

They will stay pending until they do. The person who has been allocated the questions will receive an email notification that the questions are still pending and need to be completed.

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